Department President’s Message – September

Hello To All!

National Convention is just a couple of weeks away. To those who are going, let’s bring back all the positivity and enthusiasm that we can for our fun, productive year. Let’s “BE THE ONE” to offer assistance to those veterans who might be struggling. “BE THE ONE” to listen, to talk with, to help.

I hope you are all making plans for our Fall Workshop. Remember to collect all the questions from your members, of things that you don’t understand or just need clarified. I am asking all Department Chairmen to be prepared to answer these questions, with the help of Past Department Chairmen. This learning session is to help you feel confident when filling out the year-end reports or writing the narrative.

I am not going to speak much on membership except, it should be fun. As per “Uncle Sam” & “Betsy Ross”. Games? Hint…What do you know about membership and the auxiliary? What year did that happen? How patriotic are you? Let’s remember…Membership in our Department, is a team effort! Units excelling help those units that struggle and, in the end, the Department wins!

Kim and Districts 1, 4, & 6 are Stars. I would love to see these districts decked out in star, (blue with white stars), patriotic or military attire. Laura and Districts 3, 5, & 10 are Stripes. Let’s see how many in these districts can sport the red/white stripes, patriotic or military shirts, etc. I will give prizes to the districts /units that are the most patriotic. Let’s have fun. Don’t forget, dress casual, nice but casual.

Fall is upon us. What a wonderful time of the year. Enjoy the weather. Spend time with friends and family and be kind and considerate! Don’t forget our Military and Veterans!

Contact me if I can help you with anything or if you have questions. I may not know the answers, but I have some wonderful ladies on my team that will.

Hugs to all!
Department President
Debbie Michael