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Department President Debbie Michael (2023-2024)
Department President Debbie Michael (2023-2024)

Upcoming Events

Department President’s Message – December
December 1, 2023
Get involved with our patriotic community! Join us in reaching membership goals and honoring our military members. Be part of our impactful events and gatherings.
Department President’s Message – November
November 1, 2023
Experience the camaraderie and support our programs provide for veterans and our community. Join us in honoring our heroes and making a difference!
Department President’s Message – October
October 1, 2023
Experience the patriotism and dedication at the National Convention and Fall Boards. Join us in supporting our Military and Veterans. Let's be patriotic!
Department President’s Message – September
September 1, 2023
Celebrate camaraderie and patriotism at the National Convention! Join us in supporting veterans and boosting unity in our fun-filled Fall Workshop.
Department President’s Message – August
August 1, 2023
Get ready to show your patriotic spirit and support our military at Fall Boards with Department President Debbie Michael. Get your questions answered and join