Department President’s Message – November

Hello to all!

I guess we are all working on membership. It was coming in slowly but seems to have picked up a little. Let’s hope it continues to roll in. Let everyone know about the programs and work that we do for our veterans and community. They may want to be a part of it. Please don’t give up. Remember…Lynda and I do not want to have to wear Wisconsin shirts at National Convention!

I had a great time this past Saturday with CDNVP, Irene Weber while attending Commander Matt’s Homecoming. Great job Unit 174 and Post 174 Family. Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality.

I want to apologize to 1st District for not attending their conference, I really wanted to come but it was the busiest weekend of the year in our town and everyone was involved. I will be at your Spring Conference on April 20th.

With Veteran’s Day right around the corner, “Let’s Be Patriotic” when planning the events and programs. Don’t forget the red, white & blue.

Any time this year, I would love to have a picture of your unit members strutting their military or patriotic attire. You could do this at your unit meeting or an event. I want to have them for my scrapbook.

At some time during the year, I hope you will consider donating to my special project, Rhododendron Girls State. Also, please support our department fundraiser (Ways & Means tickets.)

I am looking to seeing many of you at the 10th District Conference this Saturday. Hope you can make it.

My homecoming is just a few days away. I look forward to seeing many of you there. If you don’t have a ticket but still want to come, just send me an email or text.

If there is anything that I can help you with, just contact me.

Watch out for all the witches and goblins and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Department President