Department President’s Message – December

Hello to all my Stars and Stripes!

Congratulations to all those units who have reached or exceeded the 50% goal. Please don’t let up. Keep getting those former and new members. Keep adding
those junior members, also.

As I have said before, Lynda and I don’t want to wear a Wisconsin shirt at National Convention. Please help us. Remember, Department membership is a TEAM effort!

It was great seeing everyone at the 10th District Conference. Thanks to Unit 60 President, Nichole and her team for a beautiful day. Also, a special thanks to 10th District President, Diane and her officers for a wonderful meeting.

Thank you to all who attended my homecoming. I was overwhelmed to see the huge attendance. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts and the donations to my special project (RGS). You all are the best!

More thanks go out to New Haven Unit 140 for hosting a fantastic 4th District Conference. 4th District President Patsy, you rocked it! The hospitality was amazing. Great job to all.

And finally, thank you to Buckhannon Unit 7 for hosting the 3rd District Conference. It was great gathering with familiar and new faces. 3rd District Vice, April did an amazing job along with the other officers. Congratulations, 3rd District President Kim for your team’s win!

I would like to remind everyone to please send me or my Scrapbook Chairman any pictures that you might have to use for my scrapbook. Thanks!

If I can help you in any way, please contact me.

Here’s wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Reach out to those military members and check on our Veterans. BE THE ONE to ask how they are doing!


Hugs to all!
Department President
Debbie Michael