Department President’s Message – August


It was so wonderful seeing all of you at Department Convention. Congratulations to the new District Presidents and Vice Presidents and to my wonderful officers! Thank you for allowing me to be your Department President. Love and thanks to my Installing Team. I will do the best I can but, I need your help. What questions do you want to ask? What ALA programs do you need to know more about? What do you need explained? I want Fall Boards to be what you want. Discuss in your units the things you want to know more about. Send them to me or bring them with you.

My theme this year is With Love and GratitudeWe Support Our Military & Honor Our Veterans Membership theme isLet’s Be Patriotic (Stars & Stripes)~~ My Special Project is Rhododendron Girls State. We will be having a “Betty Rea” Purse Auction. Please start filling those pocketbooks/totes, etc. with goodies so we can make money for Girl’s State. My colors-Red/White/Blue, Flower-Rose, Song-“God Bless the U. S. A.”: Lee Greenwood

The costumes for this year are casual; anything patriotic, anything military. Show off your favorite branch of the service or patriotic shirts, hats etc. Sport the red/white/blue. My Membership Chairman Lynda will be “Uncle Sam” and I will be “Betsy Ross”. Let’s fill the room at Fall Workshop with military/patriotic clothes. Kim and districts 1-4-6 will be Stars (blue with white stars) and Laura with districts 3-5-10 will be Stripes (red & white stripes). Let’s start working on that membership. Remember, think of membership as a team effort for our department. Some units struggle and some flourish. On the department level, those units who flourish will be helping the department reach goal. “LET’S BE THE ONE” to help each other, our Military/ Veterans and our community in any way we can.

Let’s love more. Let’s play more. Let’s have fun this year. Let’s play some games! Let’s hear any ideas you may have.

In closing, I can never express enough what the kindness and support given to me and my family at convention, with the passing of my dear husband, Kat, meant to me. I wasn’t sure I could go through it but with your love and support and God’s help, I could. Thank you so much!

If I can help you, please contact me.

PS My Homecoming will be on Sunday afternoon at 12:30, October 22 at Post 60. I hope you will be able to attend.

Hugs to all!
“Let’s Be Patriotic”
Department President
Debbie Michael