What can you do?
1. Instill an awareness of the American Legion Auxiliary’s mission in all ALA Girls State citizens.
Ideas: Member

. Encourage eligible young ladies to become involved with volunteer projects in their communities that involves veterans, active military, or the American Legion Auxiliary.

. Invite your ALA Girls State both past and present, to participate in service projects with your units, even if they are not ALA members.

. Use the invitation to donate/participate as an opportunity to raise awareness of your local ALA unit in your community.

. Encourage unit members to solicit sponsorship/fundraising or donations from other organizations or businesses to sponsor ALA Girls State participants.

. Increase networking with schools (including charters, private and home schools) that have no active unit in their communities.

2. Actively encourage all eligible ALA Girls State citizens (past and present) to join the American Legion Auxiliary.
Ideas: Member

. Ask ALA Girls State citizens who have become members to pass on the benefits of membership to other eligible family members.

. Invite eligible ALA Girls State participants you sponsor to join your unit.

. Actively engage ALA Girls State citizens (past and present) to pass on the importance of membership to other eligible family members.

. Develop a very brief, mission – focused presentation to show case the ALA mission, history, and relevance to current issues affecting the military and their family’s.

. Promote opportunities and benefits of membership as sources for volunteerism

3. Increase participation by highlighting college scholarship/funding possibilities for ALA Girls State program participants.

Ideas: Members

. Make a donation to your local ALA Girls State program.


.Solicit donations from other veterans, civic, or booster organizations to sponsor ALA Girls State participants.

. Network with schools, (charter, private, home school) that have no active units in their communities.

.Ask parents of past ALA Girls State citizens to contribute to the ALA Girls State program.

. Invite members to setup memorial scholarships in memory of a love one. Contact your Department ALA Girls State Chairman or director for information.

4. Unitize the internet, social networking sites, and written media to increase awareness and visibility of ALA Girls State.

Ideas: Member

. Link personal social media accounts to ALA Girls National sites. Since this program involves minors, please be sure to familiarize yourself with safety precautions found in the ALA’s social media policy.


. Include a flyer promoting the Samsung scholarship in your Girls State packet to the schools.

. Identify eligible scholarship recipients during the interview process.

5. Stay up to date on the latest ALA Girls State program news and best practices.

Ideas: Members

. Sign up to receive ALA eNews and In the know eBulletin from ALA National Headquarters.


. Review candidate selection process and marketing efforts to ensure attraction of quality candidates.

. Establish various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or use current sites and include how to maintain them.)
. Include social media etiquette.
. Include safety when using social media sites.

. Create a Facebook page and/or twitter account for your unit and ” like ” your ALA Girls State program page and the ALA Girls National page.

. Engage with possible participants as to the best ways they may be reached.

. Prepare an article about your ALA Girls State participants and submit it to your local news media. If it is published, share the link on your social media sites.